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MaX5 Racing was formed as a series of races in the summer of 2003, running as a successful race championship in 2004. The MaX5 Racing Championship is based upon the original MX5 Championship run by Mazda in the UK in 1990/91 & the American spec Miata MX5 Championship, which is hugely successful in the U.S. This very British race championship, using the Mk1, MK3 and Mk4 Mazda MX5, is run on the principle that close racing is exciting racing. The race Championship is aimed at drivers who want their racing to be fun, within a cost effective & well organised racing club. The front engine, rear wheel drive layout of this Japanese Lotus Elan clone, gives the perfect sports racer feel, coupled with impeccable turn in and balance, make it a perfect experience for drivers

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Max5 Drivers

Meet the MaX5 Racing Team
Jon Halliwell

Jon Halliwell

Championship Coordinator


Paul Roddison

Paul Roddison

Roddisons Motorsport

Age 53, but obviously doesnt look it... Started racing karts many many years ago, and raced/ driven most things... Infact, he's been seen in everything from a Citroen C1 to a Touring Car, but obviously prefers Mazda's

Lee Hollin

Lee Hollin

Team finsport


Matt Tidmarsh

Matt Tidmarsh

MaX5 #8

2017 MaX5 class A Champion. Also known as the flyin' tangerine.

Expecting a close 2018 season.

Supported by Dad (big spanners and hammer!), Finlay (medium spanners), Xander (small spanners), and understanding wife Emma!