Registration for the 2019 MaX5 season is open!

Head to the ‘register’ page/tab where you can download the 2019 MaX5 registration form and the MaX5 Club Membership Form.

Pre season testing

Our first race is at Croft on the weekend of the 13th and 14th April (see the countdown timer to the right).

Before we go racing, we usually get together for some pre season testing and fun. Keep an eye out on this site for the dates (coming very soon). 

Lots of interest in the MaX5 Championship at the 2019 Autosport Show

We had lots of visitors come and talk to us on our stand. They were drawn in by Paul Roddison’s Championship winning Mk4 MX5 looking fabulous (see pic below).

There was a lot of interest from people that wanted a cheap and safe way into motorsport. We  had people that already raced and wanted to build a car to MaX5 spec. We spoke to people from other championships such as the BRSCC Super Series (for Mk3s), 750MC Club5s, and BRSCC MX5 series. Our recent change of regulations to allow cars from other race series was really capturing people’s attention.  It is now easy to come racing with us on dates and circuits that suit your personal calendar.

There was also a lot of interest in hiring a car to race. This is perfect for people that want to see if MaX5 is the championship for them, or just want a quick, easy and relatively easy way to get on track. Some people take this route to build up points on their licence towards other, usually much more expensive racing that they have planned.  

Introducing The Invitation and Modified Classes For The 2019 Season

New to the 2019 season is our Invitation class welcoming Mk1 race cars from other championships that meet their own regulations. This includes 750MC 5Club and BRSCC MX5 Championship/Super Cup/Super Series. 

In addition to the Invitation Class we are opening our  Modified Class to allow Mk1 1.8 and Mk2 cars welcome. These cars must meet all MSA safety regulations. Contact us to discuss what you need to do to meet the Class M regulations.

Paul Roddison Takes The Title At Brands Hatch Season Finale!

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