Who is MaX5?

The MaX5 Racing Championship offers affordable, close and exciting racing with non-stop action and excellent value for money. We’ve been racing with full grids since 2004, and in 2009, we were the first to introduce Mk3 MX5 racing in the UK, and in 2016 we introduced the Mk4 MX5.

In 2019 we are changing our regulations to welcome racers from other compatible race series with little or no changes to your cars. Come and do a race with us in our new ‘Invitation Classes’ and see how we take fun seriously. We welcome drivers with a clean race licence.

Safe & fair racing

Safe and fair racing is what we offer at MaX5 Racing, with strict controls and regulations to ensure all our MaX5 series cars are properly prepared to meet or exceed the current safety regulations. We also ensure that cars are not over modified with costly performance improvements. It is your skill that will impress us, not the depth of your pocket.

We are particularly keen to ensure people think through their overtaking manoeuvres on track. Aggressive and careless driving on track will be investigated and met with points on your race licence or worse. None of us wants to be wasting precious time and money repairing our cars between races because of somebody else’s spirited driving! We’ll try to ensure you go home in one piece.

Supporting you from the very start with the selection and set up of your car. Max5 racing and the BARC can help you with your technical support queries or put you in touch with people who can help. We are a

friendly club with the promise of great fun and lots of laughs throughout the race weekend.  

A copy of the sporting and technical regulations for 2019 can be downloaded below.

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